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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Textile Designs


The textile designs in these collections are based on my photographs.  I am intrigued by patterns of colors and shapes seen in nature, a primary source of my images.  From these I create digital art on the computer.  



About Licensing 


The designs can be customized in alternative colorways and layouts and translated into fashion textiles, tableware, wallpaper, linens, home products and stationery.  For inquiries please CONTACT us.



About the Silk Scarves and Shawls


The silk scarves came into being the way most creative impulses occur, in response to an accidental stimulus. At an exhibition of my photographs a woman lamented her lack of wall space for art and wished the images were scarves so she could wear them. Eureka! For an avid scarf lover like me the idea of transforming my art into wearable textile designs made my heart sing...And here we are.



About Artist Sara Sill


Artist Sara Sill studied architecture at Princeton University with additional classes in painting, drawing, photography, printmaking

and surface and textile design at the Art Students League, School of Visual Arts, and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her fine art practice includes collage and photography. Click below to visit Sara's art website. 


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